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If you want to grow a valuable business worth passing down to your family or selling to a new owner, you’re in the right place. We’re here to provide you with the resources and tools you need to succeed, and the advice you want (but don’t want to pay for).

How Do We Do This?

1. We answer your questions and comments – yes, all of them!  So if you need something explained in more detail… just ask.

2. We’ve gathered Contributors who have a knack for sharing their knowledge and experiences in simple, plain English.  You have free access to articles and tools which are most pertinent to your questions.

3. We sum up the best posts, thoughts and Q&A in summary format from the week and deliver it to your inbox on Fridays.  No spam, just the good stuff!

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Exit Promise is a website offering help for entrepreneurs to grow a valuable business. With one eye on the ultimate transfer or sale of your business, we help you keep your “Exit Promise”.

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Our website was founded by Holly Magister, a self-diagnosed serial entrepreneur. Holly has successfully built and sold four businesses of her own, and she’s helped dozens of others do the same (she’s also a CPA, CFP, and Exit Planner). Our team of contributing authors is the best in the business, showcasing best practices and practical tips to help you improve your business.

Most importantly, we have no bias. We’re not selling insurance products nor do we bill in six-minute increments! In fact, we don’t bill at all. ExitPromise is Free.

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