Custom Closet and Storage Company

Southwest MI USA

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Seize the moment with this exceptional opportunity to step into a thriving and accomplished business from day one. Take command of your destiny while relishing the myriad advantages and flexibility that come with being a small business owner. This distinctive venture is founded on the delivery of premium services, affording the owner the ability to operate on an appointment basis. This not only enhances time management but also ensures meticulous control over costs.

What sets this business apart is its alignment with the flourishing professional storage industry, poised for substantial growth in the coming years. By capitalizing on this unique venture, you not only position yourself at the forefront of a thriving market but also open the door to a future filled with prosperity and success.

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Type: Building & Construction For Sale

Price: $

Business For Sale ID: MSG-23095330-66

Year business was founded: 2019

Includes Real Estate?: Current lease through September of 2024 with 2 guaranteed 2-year renewal options

Annual Revenue: $375,000

Annual Cashflow: $45,000

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: $50,000, Included

Inventory: $7,000


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Brad Scoffin



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