Debt Collection Management Company

Midwest Region USA

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This debt collection management company for sale is not only licensed and bonded but also boasts an exceptional track record in both service delivery and profitability. Despite the inherent competitiveness of the industry, this business has distinguished itself through meticulous attention to detail and the adept utilization of cutting-edge software and data analytic tools. The cornerstone of its current revenue and an invaluable source of new referrals is the establishment and nurturing of strong client relationships.

A commitment to proactive problem-solving sets this business apart from its competitors. Rather than merely reacting to challenges, the company takes pride in actively listening to clients, collaboratively understanding their needs, and delivering forward-thinking solutions. Through this client-centric approach, the business not only meets expectations but consistently exceeds them, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry.

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Type: Professional Services For Sale

Price: $

Business For Sale ID: ABS-23085327-90

Year business was founded: 2010

Leased Property?: Yes

Relocatable?: Yes

Annual Revenue: $842,812

Annual Cashflow: $380,697

Inventory: Included


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