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Top 7 Posts — Sell a Business

How to Prepare and Include the Business Owner’s Family in the Exit Planning Process

For the business owner who desires a great outcome, including the business owner’s family in the exit planning process, as well as the decision to sell, is vital.

How Can a Broker’s Opinion of Value Help a Business Owner?

A Broker’s Opinion of Value, or BOV, can help an owner determine what the business would sell for on the open market. This, in relation to an owner’s “pain” level, are often enough to make a decision if they are ready to sell.

3 Things to Know About Preparing Your SBA Business for Sale

Learn about three very important facts you need to know as you prepare your SBA business for sale.

How to Prepare for Due Diligence When Selling a Business

Our Featured Advisors, Attorney Mark Fazio and Business Broker Neal Isaacs, answer a few questions to help business owners learn how to prepare for due diligence when selling a business.

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