Featured Advisors Getting Started

Where do I login?  

You will find on the bottom of every page of the site and on the top menu, the log in button for Advisors.

Find the Advisors’ Login under Business Advisors tab on the top menu:

Advisor Log In

Or click on the gold button found on the bottom menu:

Advisor Login

Do I really need to login before I answer a question?

If you’d like your photo, Featured Advisor Profile and link to your website to be visible to business owners next to your reply, it’s best to log in before you answer questions.

Why isn’t my photo showing up when I answer a question on the site?

The Q&A photos are pulled from a website called  These are widely used on WordPress websites (which is the platform ExitPromise is built on).  If you’d like your photo to appear next to your answers on the site, then you will need to set it up on  It only takes a couple of minutes to do so.

If you don’t have a Gravatar yet, here’s where you may learn more about Gravatars and how to get yours:  Gravatar

May I answer a question even if another Advisor already did so?

Yes indeed you may and we encourage you to do so if you’ve got something to add or even a contrary thought for the business owner to consider.

I answered a question and cannot find it on the site.  Where did it go?

All questions and answers are held for monitoring.  And that’s to ensure quality content, Q&A and people live on  Is it more work for us? You bet it is.  We feel strongly that this additional step is worthwhile!

The answer should appear on the site within 24 hours of your posting.

I really need more information from the business owner to answer the question.  What do I do?

Don’t be afraid to ask for more details or to simply say “I don’t understand what you are asking me.  Please clarify…”  Some business owners will do so and some just don’t know how to ask the question.

When a business owner asks for advice regarding what they should do, especially when there is very little information provided and many factors to be considered, what do I do?

Be totally honest and let them know in a respectful tone that it’s not possible to answer their question.  Always keep in mind that your role is to educate the business owners about matters they’ve raised questions about. Advising them as to how to resolve their problem is beyond the purpose of our Q&A platform.

If you are able to teach them something about their situation, they are better for it.  And if you’ve done a great job offering your knowledge to the site’s visitors, it is much more likely business owners will regard you as a true expert.

Our Q&A monitors will step in, as appropriate, to recommend when submitting a request for an advisor is warranted.  If we don’t, just shoot us an email and we’ll take another look at the question posted on the site.

Why do the business owners ask the same or similar questions?

Many business owners do this simply because they want to take a shortcut. It’s human nature. That said, when you do patiently answer the same questions over and over again, a few business owners notice.  Being nice and helpful works.

How would a business owner reach me if they want to speak to me directly?

On the bottom of your Featured Advisor Profile, there is a place where a business owner may send you an email directly.  The business owner will not have access to your email address.  This is intentional to prevent spammers from scraping the platform for email addresses.   Instead, delivers the email to you on their behalf.

And of course your website, physical address and phone numbers are posted in your profile so business owners may choose to reach you directly as well.

And last, but not least, business owners may submit their specific request for assistance and we deliver these leads for your services to you by email and the old fashioned telephone.

I’d like to write posts for  How do I do that?

We’d be happy to send instructions for you to get started.  Please send an email to Pa************@Ex*********.com and let us know about your interest in writing articles.


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