Holly Magister Exit Promise Founder

Hi there!   I’m Holly Magister, a CPA, and I founded in 2010. 

I am rather delighted you’re interested in joining Exit Promise as an advisor!

Over the past decade, we have been quietly building a network of business advisors that include Attorneys, Business Brokers, CPAs, Business Capital, and Business Valuation Advisors, and Growth & Exit Planning Professionals.

Our audience of business owners has been built up due to our website’s content depth and quality.  Our posts are all authored by our advisors and accredited investors, and we do not accept guest posts. is supported by advisors and investors with many years of experience in their respective professions.  Our advisors and investors can directly communicate with business owners who seek help by answering their questions on our website.

In addition to asking questions on, business owners also send in requests or directly call us to speak with an advisor or investor.  That’s when we get to work to place the business owner in front of one of our members who is well-suited to help them.

Of course, we do many other things to support and promote our advisors and investors.  One of our members described us as their marketing department.  I smiled when we heard that because I know how difficult it is to own, operate, and manage a professional practice while trying to market your services.  I did that for nearly 25 years before I founded

If participation as an advisor on has piqued your interest, please accept my invitation to apply below.

There is zero cost to participate as one of our advisors, so nothing is stopping you from applying today!


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