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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm on LinkedIn. How is ExitPromise different?
LinkedIn is a social media site intended for Professionals to connect and communicate with their colleagues.  Although it’s possible to add content to LinkedIn, such posts are not optimized for search engines nor are they intended to exclusively attract business owners.

ExitPromise has been publishing content since 2010 for one purpose — to help business owners when they have a problem and search online for a way to resolve it.  Business owners find their way to ExitPromise to read a post written by a Featured Business Advisor and often take the opportunity to ask additional questions.  Featured Advisors on ExitPromise are permitted to showcase their own articles as well as answer questions posed by business owners.

ExitPromise also collects information and help inquiries from business owners who are seeking additional, one-on-one professional help with their business and delivers exclusive leads and introductions to our Featured Business Advisors.

How will I receive exclusive leads and introductions from ExitPromise?

Business Owners who are visiting ExitPromise have multiple opportunities to reach out for professional help.
When they do so, their lead and important information, such as their name, email and phone number is captured. This information is reviewed and delivered by ExitPromise’s staff.  In most cases, the business owner is contacted by ExitPromise to verify their request and to vet their need for assistance.  Then our Featured Advisor is notified by email, according to the location in which the Advisor chooses when they become part of Exit Promise, regarding the lead.
In certain cases, introductions may be made to a Featured Business Advisor via telephone by one of the ExitPromise team members.

How do I answer questions asked on ExitPromise?

It’s very easy. After registering as a Featured Advisor, login with your User Name and Password and just click “Reply” where you see a Question you’d like to answer and begin to type.

May I answer any question asked?
Yes, you may answer any question asked on the site — even if it’s on a post you did not write.  We love to see multiple advisors answering questions — and so do our visitors!
What type of posts may I add to ExitPromise?

Our Featured Advisors may send us their own, original posts, podcasts or videos.  They may not be duplicated on another website — even your own website because doing so is not good for Search Engine Optimization.

Is ExitPromise a Startup?

Yes, we are a nine year old startup!

How will my posts be promoted?

ExitPromise has a digital marketing team who will promote each post you write by:

  • Editing its content for grammar, spelling and overall readability — this keeps our visitors happy.
  • Optimizing the title and keywords for SEO purposes — this attracts business owners seeking your help.
  • Adding the post to our homepage and the appropriate reader channel (startup, growing, business capital, exiting, selling, etc.)
  • Including your post in our email list of business owners who’ve signed up to receive emails with a double opt-in.
  • Promoting on our Social Media sites — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest
I'm not really very good at website stuff. Is this a DIY project?

Absolutely not.  We have a team who will build your Featured Business Advisor profile for you.  Once it’s built, you have the final approval before it is published.  If you need to add or delete something, such as a client testimonial or new credential, we take care of it for you.

All ExitPromise posts, articles, and content is added to the site by our digital marketing team.  You don’t have to know how to do anything related to updating the site.  If you don’t want to write articles and prefer to simply answer questions, that’s okay.  And we have many Featured Advisors who are just happy to receive leads and introductions or have their Professional Profile included on the site,  It’s totally up to you how much — or little — you’d like to participate in our platform’s features.

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