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Jason Milleisen

Jason Milleisen

Distressed Loan Advisors

(877) 436-4533


Bachelors of Business Administration, Finance


SBA Loan Default

SBA Offer In Compromise


Saint Bonaventure University


Jason Milleisen founded Distressed Loan Advisors in 2009 and is an SBA loan default expert.  Jason has successfully guided hundreds of clients through the SBA Offer In Compromise process, resulting in over $50 Million in SBA loan forgiveness. Jason was a workout officer at the largest SBA lender at the country, where he serviced and negotiated settlements for hundreds of defaulted SBA loans. During his 18+ years in finance, he’s worked on everything from billion dollar syndicated deals all the way down to $50,000 lines of credit. When it comes to helping small business owners to deal with the consequences of SBA default Jason has seen more, and done more, than anyone out there.  Jason will handle the process from start to finish, whether it be dealing with the bank or SBA attorney, and will be your advocate every step of the way.


Thank you again for getting this reduced. I was skeptical about hiring a consultant (especially online). I was even advised to just go ahead and do whatever it took to try and come up with the money. I researched this topic for days on the internet and could not find a single negative comment about you or your business, and now I understand why: you do exactly what you say you will do and I am very pleased with the outcome. I also plan to mention your name to the financial adviser that told me it could not be settled for less than the full amount.

I’ve been in management and financial consulting for over 20 years with national firms but knew I was out of my league with the SBA lien on our home. Fortunately Jason was very knowledgeable, responsive, and impressed me from the beginning as a professional. He was also willing to structure his fee based on results. All in, significantly better value than the other (larger) firm I checked with. The outcome was beyond our expectations as the lender removed the lien on our home for less than half a cent on the dollar.

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