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Tennessee (relocatable) USA

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This firm develops life science research tools enabling autonomous, non-invasive, real-time monitoring of compound bioavailability, biological events, or viability/metabolic dynamics from any cell using a proprietary synthetic luciferase technology that does not require external stimulation to function.

The Company’s products are immediately relevant to discovery phase pharmacology programs as an improved method for accessing the toxicity and metabolic impact of potential new drug compounds and to in vitro and in vivo basic research and development activities for interrogating tumor formation, progression, and recession, cellular health, motility, localization, or transcriptional activity. Their patent-protected synthetic luciferase removes the need for external stimulation that limits current fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging approaches. Unlike previous technologies, it can automatically turn on or off light production to indicate biomarker transcription or changes in differentiation state, continuously emit harmless visible light to enable persistent localization and viability tracking, or autonomously adjust the signal intensity to reflect real-time changes in metabolism, toxicity, or any other desired cellular metric. This solves the problems of uneven excitation and emission in 3D culture applications, allows the distribution, health, and propagation of implanted cells to be tracked in real-time in small animal models, and removes the need to sacrifice precious in vitro samples concurrent with luciferin exposure. As a simple genetic technology, their synthetic luciferase can be delivered using the same transfection approaches as older fluorescent/luminescent genes, and expression can be regulated using any transcriptional or artificial biology control architecture. This drop-in replacement capability, combined with improved functionality, enables new capabilities and accelerates existing research by producing more data, reducing costs, and facilitating continuous automated tracking without requiring perturbation throughout the data collection process.

The purchase of this company includes patents, ready-to-ship product inventory, the bacterial stocks required to make more of the products, all scientific lab notebooks from R&D operations, and company intelligence data. The value is based on the “cost to recreate” and projections based on requests. The products are ready for orders and in demand by some of the world’s largest biotech companies and most respected researchers. This company has recently completed the vetting process to have its products featured in the Thermo Fisher Scientific catalog. A key element necessary for the growth and marketing of the products is an experienced business development team. Orders can be worth $1mm for each large client within the first five years.

The company competes with single-data-point bioluminescent technologies from 2 companies, expensive equipment-based technologies from 1 competitor, and older fluorescent assay technologies from a major healthcare company and various small vendors. None of these technologies can offer advanced data production at the throughput level or price point of this company’s auto-bioluminescent technology.

Growth & Expansion: There is strong potential for growth. Before The Company developed its continuous bioluminescent synthetic luciferase, there were no significant advancements in bioluminescent technologies for over 20 years. They created the first product on the market to offer multiple data points from a single sample and the only reporter system capable of automatic self-control.

Support & Training: We will train for 12 weeks at no additional cost.


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Type: Lower Middle Market For Sale

Price: $5,000,000

Year business was founded: 2011

Leased Property?: Yes

Relocatable?: Yes

Annual Revenue: $826K

Inventory: $778K


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William Ilgenfritz, CBI, MBA



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