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Acquire a well-established towing business with a distinguished history of success and continuous growth. If you derive satisfaction from assisting people in various situations, this business provides ample opportunities to lend a helping hand, be it aiding stranded car owners or assisting troubled truckers on the road. The clientele spans from individual automobile owners to large companies with fleets of semi-trucks, all in need of reliable assistance.

As the number of vehicles on the road increases and existing fleets age, the demand for towing services escalates daily. This business, with 49 major accounts sending consistent work, is strategically positioned to meet this growing need. Don’t just own a towing business; become an essential lifeline for those in need on the road.

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Type: Main Street Business For Sale

Price: $

Business For Sale ID: ABB-22085308-90

Year business was founded: 1997

Includes Real Estate?: Impound lots in 3 counties give it lots of opportunity Close to major highways

Annual Revenue: $939,709

Annual Cashflow: $447,703

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: $700,000 -- Additional Fleet Available

Inventory: $20,000


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Brad Scoffin



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