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Photo of Bruce Hosler

Bruce Hosler

Enrolled Agent, CFP®, EA, AIF®, CEPA®, CDFA®

“I’m extremely fortunate that my work is my calling: I’m passionate about helping people create a better future. “

Photo of Randall Klein

Randall Klein

Enrolled Agent

I help business owners achieve real multi-dimensional wealth and to pursue their LIFE PURPOSE. And most importantly, help people like you get to the point where they can enjoy their wealth.

If you are not enjoying life–or the work in your business–then we need to talk.

As your firm’s part-time CFO, I will help you identify the things that may be holding your company back from big growth, or help you create strategies for your personal exit plan.

Photo of Christy V Parthiban

Christy V Parthiban

Enrolled Agent

Being a US Enrolled Agent with over 15 years of work experience, I have helped a wide range of clients including partners, owners and CEO’s having international presence to file their US taxes and ensure cross border compliance. I also help them plan taxes and suggest best tax planning strategies. I have expertise in various US tax forms namely 1040, 709, 3520, 8621, 8938, 8886, 5471 and 8833.

Photo of Robert J. Preziosi

Robert J. Preziosi

Enrolled Agent, CLTC

You can take comfort in the fact that I am part of this business owner network and therefore have a vested interest in seeing all of us succeed. In fact, I probably have many of the same hopes and aspirations as you, and will be happy to share all the resources and information our firm has to offer.


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