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Not long ago, one of my dear friends abruptly stated “it’s not about you” after patiently listening to my long story about a business relationship which changed, without warning.  I just love this friend and how she was able to candidly share her observation which has proven to be brilliant and incredibly powerful.Dollar Bill

Since this conversation with my friend I have given much thought to what she said to me in the context of my situation and have found many more instances where the statement applies perfectly!

It all started when I found myself no longer working with a business colleague for whom I had great respect.  It seems this colleague moved on to associate with others and completely disengaged with me and many other mutual colleagues.

Has this ever happened to you?  I was lamenting over the loss of a great friendship and many mutual funny experiences we shared as colleagues and there my girlfriend saw it as plain as day.  She simply recognized I did not change—my colleague did.  For an unexplained reason, which had NOTHING to do with me, this colleague moved on.

Just last week, one of my clients was telling her beautiful story about her childhood and how her experiences contributed to the passion for her business.  She was sharing this story in her pitch for an investment from a Venture Capital Firm.  The V.C firm was not nearly as nice as my friend.  The managing director blurted out rather rudely to my client “Listen up, that’s all wonderful.  We’re not here to learn about your life story, we want to know how your company is going to scale with our investment and what our ROI will be.”  There you go… “It’s not about you!”  In the case of the Venture Capital firm, it is about the money!

I cannot think of a better time to celebrate the notion that is it not about you.  As an entrepreneur, opportunities to thank others for all they do to make your business successful, and your family, health, and lifestyle pleasurable are everywhere.

In fact, I have decided to make this notion the focus of all new initiatives and I would like to challenge you to join me in finding as many ways as possible to make this statement ring true for an entire year.  Will you join me?

As for my friend, willing to boldly remind me about the virtue of humility, thank you!  You are the best!

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