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Photo of Stephen Ferraro

Stephen Ferraro


I Help Business Owners Set Goal and Achieve Success!

Over 40 years of public accounting, entrepreneurial and management experience. Leveraging my leadership and financial experiences, I work with middle market businesses and their owners to ensure they grow, maximize business value and achieve personal financial success. Over my professional career, I have consulted on a wide range of areas including, business valuation, transition planning, growth strategies, wealth advisory, mergers & acquisitions, strategic and business planning, forensic accounting, litigation support, due diligence and quality of earnings, financial management, financing assistance, internal controls, and attestation and tax engagements.

Photo of Edward B. Lasak

Edward B. Lasak


Edward is a strategic-focused CFO/COO/GM/CPA who is accomplished at optimizing cash flows & balance sheets with value-added strategies to create wealth.
Leveraging his diverse financial, valuation, & business experience, Ed is recognized by his peers for his ability to chart-the-course of what is possible by combining a strategic vision with forecasts and performance milestones. Ed’s approach incorporates sophisticated valuation models that optimize shareholder value.

Photo of Lawrence McKee

Lawrence McKee


Experienced Contract CFO | Controller with start-up, crisismanagement and private company experience.For many small to mid-sized businesses it is just not practical or financially feasible to have a full time salaried CFO on your payroll.You can get the benefits of a senior financial executive at a fractionof the cost of a full-time CFO by engaging a Contract CFO.Most small business owners never give creation of business value adequate consideration.


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