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One of the hardest parts about starting a new business is finances. How do you get the business financing you need? Which option is the best for your business? How do you handle those finances responsibly? What’s a P&L statement?


If you’re thinking of starting a business, but feeling lost in all the financial questions, you’re not alone. More than one in four business owners say they have not been able to get the funding they need, and 77% of entrepreneurs rely on personal savings for their initial funds.


It’s not easy, but you also don’t want to regret never trying. The truth is, you can do it, with the right help, and that’s why I’m happy to partner with Grasshopper for their next Fireside Chat event on the topic of business financing.


How to Choose the Best Financing for Your Business” is a live, online event that will take place Wednesday, October 19, at 2 pm EST. This round table discussion will feature three small business experts who will discuss how to assess a business’ financial needs and how to explore its best options for financing. Registration is free, so reserve your spot today.


Panelists for this Fireside Chat event include:



Grasshopper is a Massachusetts-based brand that provides a virtual phone system that helps entrepreneurs sound more professional and stay connected from anywhere. Founded in 2003, Grasshopper now serves over 150,000 customers.


Exit Promise is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start, grow, and sell successful businesses, which is why I’m excited to announce that I am partnering with Grasshopper for their next Fireside Chat event, “How to Choose the Best Financing for Your Business.” This live, online event will take place on Wednesday, October 19, at 2 pm EST, and feature a panel of small business experts. Registration is free, and open now.

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