Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Company

Tucson Pima County USA

Learn About This Business For Sale:

Business Description: No retail customers! This robust enterprise specializes in commercial landscape maintenance, boasting a roster of longstanding clients committed to yearly contracts. With a focus on true business accounts, this company has curated a solid clientele base that ensures stability and continuity. The exceptional crew and well-planned routes not only contribute to the current success but also offer ample room for future growth.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive focus on commercial clients, no retail customers
  • Stable crew contributing to operational excellence
  • Well-optimized routes with expansion potential
  • Inclusive of 4 trucks and comprehensive landscape equipment

To operate, an applicator license for weed/pest control is a prerequisite, underscoring the professionalism and expertise integral to the business. This is a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a stable and growth-oriented venture in the commercial landscape maintenance sector.

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Type: Main Street Business For Sale

Price: $400,000

Year business was founded: 1988

Home Based Business?: Yes

Relocatable?: Yes

Annual Revenue: $358,532

Annual Cashflow: $151,553


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Beau Barger



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