Irrigation Maintenance and Repair Business

Tucson Pima County USA

Learn About This Business For Sale:

Are you hands-on and enjoy nurturing growth? Ever dreamed of being your own boss? No contractor license needed! Explore this fantastic opportunity—an acclaimed business thriving on word-of-mouth referrals and loyal clients seeking assistance in maintaining verdant landscapes in Tucson’s desert haven.

The primary tasks involve line repairs, system resets, and valve and control box replacements. As a service-oriented venture, the workload is flexible, allowing for tasks to be tackled at your own pace.

Clients eagerly welcome your visits, making the owner/operator role rewarding, with no employees to manage. Don’t miss your chance to own a business that blends mechanical expertise with the satisfaction of contributing to the lush beauty of Tucson’s living desert.

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Type: Main Street Business For Sale

Price: $50,000

Year business was founded: 1996

Annual Revenue: $76,253

Annual Cashflow: $35,506

Inventory: $1,000 included


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Beau Barger



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