Turf Application & Landscape Services

Northeast USA

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This Eastern USA-based residential and commercial chemical application and landscape business enjoys healthy EBITDA margins of more than15%. Its multi-locations generates revenue from lawn and shrub chemical applications for nourishment and weed control, as well as, landscaping services. Landscaping includes design & maintenance, mowing, snow removal, tree pruning & removal. Landscape maintenance services include edging, mulching, and perennial cutbacks.

Breakdown of revenue by services (2022):

– Lawn care applications $6,549,842
– Landscape maintenance $2,756,179
– Landscape design $2,637,731
– Tree & shrub application $1,488,759
– Pruning & removal $955,412
– Snow $171,967

The business serves a diverse customer base of residential and commercial clients. Lawn application services are 65% residential and 35% commercial. The Company serves 8,000+ customers with 4-6 chemical applications annually. Landscaping services is tailored more towards commercial clientele but will also service a few residential properties. The business employs a fully e-verified workforce across its two locations.

The 70-year owner seeks a full sale. He is minimally involved in the day-to-day operations as he has an independent management team including, general management, finance, sales and operations. Equipment is fully updated and in excellent working condition.

The business owner seeks a humble buyer with experience in chemical applications and landscaping businesses and will entertain both financial and strategic suitors. The owner will be fully cashing out but expects a few of his key managers to participate in ownership if the opportunity is extended. There is plenty of room for growth organically and through strategic acquisitions in the local market and major surrounding MSAs.

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Type: Lower Middle Market For Sale

Price: $

Includes Real Estate?: NC

Annual Revenue: $14,600,000


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