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Photo of Jim Houlihan

Jim Houlihan


A strong international business executive with hands-on strategy, marketing, sales, operations, and accounting experience.

Experience growing and managing companies while holding the titles of CEO, COO, and CFO.

Photo of Edward B. Lasak

Edward B. Lasak


Edward is a strategic-focused CFO/COO/GM/CPA who is accomplished at optimizing cash flows & balance sheets with value-added strategies to create wealth.
Leveraging his diverse financial, valuation, & business experience, Ed is recognized by his peers for his ability to chart-the-course of what is possible by combining a strategic vision with forecasts and performance milestones. Ed’s approach incorporates sophisticated valuation models that optimize shareholder value.

Photo of Lawrence McKee

Lawrence McKee


Experienced Contract CFO | Controller with start-up, crisismanagement and private company experience.For many small to mid-sized businesses it is just not practical or financially feasible to have a full time salaried CFO on your payroll.You can get the benefits of a senior financial executive at a fractionof the cost of a full-time CFO by engaging a Contract CFO.Most small business owners never give creation of business value adequate consideration.


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